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WARNING: Sometimes unscrupulous people attempt to get personal or private financial information from our customers by claiming to be Citizens Bank or even a government agency. We urge you to be extremely careful. Please know that this Bank will NOT ask for any personal or private information over the telephone or internet. We will never ask you to send personal or confidential information via email.


We believe our bank has the financial strength to serve our community and to withstand a severe recession. We invite you to examine the following “Statement of Condition” information and reach your own conclusion.

As of close of business on December 31, 2018:

Cash and Due from Banks  $    28,489,000.00
Investment Securities  $    20,989,000.00
Federal Funds Sold  $                      0.00
Loans and Discounts  $    62,891,000.00
Premises and Fixed Assets  $          683,000.00
Other Assets  $       4,979,000.00
Total Resources  $  118,031,000.00
Non-Interest Bearing Deposits  $    33,734,000.00
Interest Bearing Deposits  $     70,662,000.00
Federal Funds Purchased and
       Repurchase Agreements   $                       0.00 
Other Liabilities  $           480,000.00
Total Liabilities  $   104,876,000.00
Capital Stock  $      1 ,300,000.00
Surplus  $      7,300,000.00
Undivided Profits  $      4,675,000.00
Total Capital  $    13,155,,000.00
Total Capital and Liabilities  $  118,031,000.00

We are a member of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. For internal auditors, we contract with the EideBailly LLP. Their accountants visit us on a quarterly basis. We are examined periodically by the Federal Reserve Bank and the Montana Division of Banking and Financial Institutions.

For more detailed financial information you can access the call report that we file with FDIC each quarter through the FDIC website.

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